Gyro Grub®

Gyro Grub concept is based on a simple menu, few choice items customized by the customer, quick service, promoting fresh “Real Food” ingredients, in a clean modern environment, promoting natural, healthier, environmentally friendlier sustainable food resources. 

Mythos Taverna Bar®

The Mythos Taverna Bar® allows our guests to experience Greek Modern Cuisine, Specialty Cocktails, in a Relaxed Hip Environment. 

Mythos Taverna estiatorio®

We believe the Mythos Taverna estiatorio is one of the premier Mediterranean Gastronomy Experience concepts in the United States. Mythos Taverna estiatorio brand is defined by its menu, which includes Greek Mediterranean seafood specializing in whole grilled fish and Greek delicacies, USDA Prime grade, wet-aged and dry-aged steaks hand-cut at the time of order and a range of other high-quality offerings, including wagyu, prime dry-aged lamb, fresh seafood, and signature side dishes and desserts. It is also distinguished by its “swarming service,” whereby customers are served simultaneously by multiple servers